New Way of Seeing Hidden Meanings in Art Masterpieces

2 Sessions: Monday & Wednesday, November 15 & 17

ZOOM Class: 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Member Fee: $25, Non-Member Fee: $30


A New Way of Seeing Hidden meanings in Art Masterpieces will guide your eyes to see the “invisible yet visible” symbols found in world famous paintings. Each artwork has a “clue” which opens the doors allowing us to examine the intimate and universal meanings of the artist’s personal life and creative motivations. We will study how Michelangelo used geometry and Divine Proportions to build his Sistine Chapel ceiling.  How did Grant Wood use Roman mythology in his painting “American Gothic”? What symbol did Caravaggio use in his “Supper at Emmaus”? What challenge did Raphael offer to all viewers in his “School of Athens”?  Join us on this unique and fun treasure hunt!

Ari Landau is an educator and art enthusiast. He taught high school history including art history classes for ten years, and for several years enjoyed taking students to famous European museums and conducting his own tours. He completed formal instruction and received his certification as a docent from the Dallas Museum of Art. Ari earned his Bachelor of Science in history and education from the University of Colorado, his Master of Arts in history from the University of Northern Colorado, and his Juris Doctor cum laude at Gonzaga University. He has led hundreds of museum guided tours in European and American museums.