Appalachian Energy In Transition

2 Sessions: Wednesdays, November 3, 10

ZOOM Class: 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Member Fee: $25, Non-Member Fee: $30


This course will focus on Appalachian energy and how it is changing. The first class, the Old Energies of Appalachia, will look at candles, hydropower, sailing ships, whale oil, horses, mules pulling barges, coal, kerosene, steam engines, oil, natural gas and nuclear power. It will include confederate ships sinking whalers and Asheville’s first electric trolley, which appeared only five years after the first electric trolley in the United States.

Class two, the New Energies of Appalachia, will focus on hydropower, solar power, wind power (especially off-shore), geothermal, biomass and ocean energy. It will include details on Buncombe County’s and Asheville’s 100% renewable goals, pumped water and other storage, the big wind farm in North Carolina and state-by-state renewables.

Dot Sulock taught math full-time for 40 years at UNCA.  She also taught a class about nuclear power and nuclear weapons (The Nuclear Dilemma) for UNCA’s International Studies program and Master of Liberal Arts program many times. Dot stays current on these very important subjects and regularly teaches several classes on them at OLLI, as well as giving Great Decision lectures.