Bird Walk at Flat Rock Park

1 Session: Tuesday, June 15

9:00 – Noon

Flat Rock Park Highland Lake Road

Member Fee: $21.30, Non-Member Fee: $31.30

(Fee includes off-campus class insurance.)


**Rain date, Friday June 18th, 9 - Noon

Join local birder and owner of Ventures Birding Tours for an introductory walk at one of our newest and upcoming birding locations. The Park at Flat Rock offers easy walking through various habitats, both man-made and natural, and we should see a good selection of local breeding species. Migration should be over so our nesting birds should be well into their breeding season. We will walk around the property to find many of the local birds, including Eastern Kingbird, Yellow-throated Warbler and Indigo Bunting; all recently arrived from their wintering grounds to the south. We will also learn some of the local bird songs and calls as this is the best way to locate many species.

Bring binoculars and a bird book if you have one. We will talk about local birds, field-guides and binoculars and will supply everyone with a list of birds for the morning.

Simon Thompson, a nationally recognized ornithologist, was born in Malta and educated in Britain. He leads small groups of naturalists and birders both within North America and to many locations throughout the world. Simon owns and operates his own bird watching and natural history tour company. He gives many bird watching talks and programs throughout Western NC.