The Challenge Posed by a Warming World and the Uplifting Awe of Nature

2 Sessions, Mondays, February 7, 14

1:00 -3:00

Sink Building, Room 233

Member Fee: $30, Non-Member Fee: $40

How is it possible that nature and humanity will be divested if the world warms a mere few degrees? This course will delve into that question, exploring the science of climate change, the arguments and organizations disputing its importance, and the many options available to blunt the worst of the impacts. To uplift and help remind us of what is at stake, each session will begin and end with awe-inspiring photographs and descriptions of natural wonders and amazing critters found on the seven continents.

Roger Helm worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for nearly 25 years. He focused on assessing the impact of oil and other contaminants on wildlife and pursuing restoration claims against companies that harmed plants and animals or their habitats. Roger received his Doctorate Degree in Biological Ecology from the University of California at Davis and his Masters Degree in Biology from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in Monterey Bay, CA. Roger has co-authored a book on Marine Mammals of California and numerous other publications on marine birds and mammals, natural resource damage assessment and global climate change. Presently he teaches on the effects of global climate change and works with organizations on solutions to this potentially catastrophic problem.