Trail of Tears: Cherokee Removal Resistance & Resilience in North Carolina

1 Session: Tuesday August 10

Zoom Class 10:00 a.m. - Noon

Member Fee: $20, Non-Member Fee: $30


In 1838, the forced removal of the Cherokee Indians was especially complex in western North Carolina. The Cherokee citizens and their allies mounted legal and extralegal campaigns to thwart the federal government’s efforts to remove them. This class will examine the causes and process of the United States’ dispossession and expulsion of the Cherokee people from their ancient homelands. The success of this resistance is evident in the persistence and resurgence of the Eastern Bank of Cherokee Indians, the sole federally recognized native nation resident in present-day North Carolina.

Brett Riggs is a Sequoyah Distinguished Professor of Cherokee Studies at Western Carolina University. He is an executive board member of the National Trail of Tears Association, co-author of Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook and former deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, Eastern Bank of Cherokee Indians.