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BRCLL Courses, May - August, 2017

Trivia with Wilson Casey, The “Trivia Guy”

2 sessions
Wednesdays, June 7 & 14
10:00 a.m. - Noon
BRCC, Room 122, Continuing, Education Building
Member Fee: $30, Non-Member Fee: $40

Trivia are miscellaneous, obscure, unknown facts or pieces of information often of little significance! Such a unique collection of information can become the subject of games or quizzes. Wilson Casey’s career, writing tips, and trivia will be shared in this entertaining, informative and witty course. This one-of-a-kind career has included published books and calendars, a nationally syndicated newspaper column and a website.  Radio broadcasts, live performances, workshop instruction and a Guinness Book world record are included in the mix.

This trivia celebrity entertainer is Wilson Casey, of South Carolina roots.  He is self-described as “a sponge of learning new things”. His busy, goal-oriented 50-60 hour work week consists of research, fact-checking, and discovering new pieces of informational trivia. He has a trained memory, not a photographic one. Wilson Casey is a full-time freelance writer, who aspires to make an inspirational difference by being “the MOST read writer from the Carolinas!”

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