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BRCLL Courses, May - August, 2017

Religions of Appalachia

3 Sessions
Monday, Wednesday, Monday, May 8, 10 & 15
10:00 a.m. - Noon
BRCC, Room 150, Patton Building
Member Fee: $40, Non-Member Fee: $60

Come journey from the early days of the Cherokee, African and Christian creation stories through centuries of deep-rooted religious beliefs of the Appalachian people. Specific focus will be on Western North Carolina. From conversion experiences, snake handling and speaking in tongues, to local churches on the National Registry of Historic Places, class attendees will enjoy exploring the commonalities and differences that make Appalachia so rich in religious thought. An exploration of language and its effects on spiritual beliefs, family, professionalism, and more will assist in a better understanding of mountain culture.

Dr. Kristina Holland has taught Appalachian Culture classes (music literature, dance, moonshine and NASCAR) at Blue Ridge Community college Transylvania County campus for nine years. She is a tenured associate English Professor and English Major Coordinator at Brevard College, and a part-time youth and family ministry coordinator. She holds degrees from Wake Forest University, Western Carolina University, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, with an emphasis in language attitudes in the N.C. mountains. Dr. Holland is a native of Appalachia, as well as a learned and experienced educator and speaker.

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