We apologize but we have to cancel the EdVenture to see "Footloose" at the Barter Theater


About The Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning

The Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning (BRCLL) was established at Blue Ridge Community College in January 1991. The College supports the Center by providing classroom and office space, as well as administrative services.


We are committed to nurturing intellects, inspiring imaginations, and expanding the horizons of adult lifelong learners.


Through our educational and culturally diverse offerings and opportunities, we expand the minds, inspire the imaginations of our adult lifelong learning members, and enhance the quality of life in our community.

See our Operating Regulations.


We are —

Inclusive:  In all that BRCLL does,  we create an atmosphere that is welcoming and open to all who want to benefit from and enjoy our programs and services.

Committed to:

  • Creating a sense of community: BRCLL is a community of learners, and like any community, relies on the active participation of its members.  We accomplish this through learning, leading, and volunteering.  Through these activities, members enjoy meeting like-minded people, exploring common interests, sharing experiences and expertise, and forming lasting friendships.

  • Focusing on individual enrichment and growth:  BRCLL is committed to the development and enrichment of our members, staff, and volunteers, including, ultimately, their personal growth.  We actively seek input from those attending our events, and, we strive for the continual improvement of our operations and quality of our programs and services based on that input.

  • Ensuring excellence:  The staff of BRCLL and its working volunteers constantly seeks to achieve the highest standards of performance in meeting the needs and expectations of our members.

  • Innovation: BRCLL creatively pursues new areas of opportunity — in content, design, and delivery — that benefit our members and enhances the quality of life in our community.