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BRCLL Frequently Asked Questions



When was BRCLL established and what is its mission?

  • Established January 1991.
  • Mission: to offer its members opportunities for personal enrichment through a wide variety of classes and travel.

Is BRCLL affiliated with the college or other organization(s)?

  • BRCLL is an organization within the Blue Ridge Community College.

How is the BRCLL financed?

  • Money comes from memberships, trips and classes.
  • BRCLL has a treasurer on its board who manages our monies.
  • All monies are in an account held by the College for our use.
  • These monies are used to cover the BRCLL Coordinator’s part-time salary, all printing costs, our newsletter, mailings, etc.

What are the requirements for becoming a member and how much does it cost?

Any person having an interest in the mission and activities of this organization may become a lifetime member for a one-time fee of $70.

A friend/relative is interested in becoming a member. Where can I get a membership form?

Download a membership form or call our coordinator, at 694-1740.

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Board of Directors

Does BRCLL have a governing body or Board of Directors?
Yes. The Board consists of:

  • President
  • Immediate Past President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chairs of all standing committees
  • Members-at-large

The BRCLL Coordinator, BRCC liaison are also members of the board, but are non-voting.

Which Board positions are elected?

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

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Does BRCLL have any committees? What do they do?

BRCLL has the following standing committees staffed entirely by member volunteers:

  • Program: Develops, organizes and coordinates all aspects of classes held by BRCLL;
  • EdVentures: Plans, develops and implements all aspects of trips and tours;
  • Newsletter: Edits the BRCLL newsletter;
  • Finance: Oversees financial planning and reviews and presents financial reports as required;
  • Social: Plans and coordinates BRCLL social activities and annual gatherings;
  • Communications/Marketing: Develops BRCLL communications and implements strategies to market BRCLL;
  • Membership: Welcomes new members and encourages and facilitates membership participation in BRCLL activities.
Where does the Program Committee come up with the class ideas?

Committee members bring their ideas to the monthly meetings, the group discusses the interest level and decides if it should be added.

Are there any requirements for who can lead a class/lecture series?

Presenters should have good public speaking skills and an interesting topic.

What parameters are used for Industry Tours?

Industry tours are generally within the county, offered only in the spring and attendees drive to the location.

How do I volunteer for a committee?

Call our coordinator at 828-694-1740.

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Classes and Edventures

How often does BRCLL offer classes and trips (EdVentures)?

Classes and trips are available each semester.

How will I know what classes/trips are available?

Members receive a newsletter three times a year listing available classes/trips for the upcoming semester. This website is also updated each semester to show the new activities.

How do I register for classes/trips?

Both the newsletter and the website contain a registration form which, when complete, should be mailed (with your check) to:

BRCLL, Attention: Coordinator
180 West Campus Drive
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Can anyone attend a class/trip?

Members and non-members may attend our classes, members can bring a guest on our trips.

If the College is closed for weather-related issues, are BRCLL classes still held?

Classes for that day are cancelled and rescheduled.

If the College has a delayed start because of weather, are classes still held?

Any classes scheduled for after the delayed start will be held.

Where are classes held?

The majority of our classes are held at BRCC campus, in the Patton Building, Room 150.

I have some suggestions for a future class. Who should I contact?

You can submit your ideas on our under the “Contact Us” option on this site or call our coordinator at 828-694-1740.

I would like to teach a class. What's my next step?

Complete our proposal form or to send in the mail. The BRCLL Program Committee will review your proposal and follow-up on your request.

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Great Decisions

What is the Great Decisions Program?

Sponsored by the national Foreign Policy Association and World Affairs Council, these sessions promote international awareness of world issues by providing nonpartisan briefings and expert presentations on a variety of issues the United States faces in the world today.

When is the Program available?

Usually in February and March each year.

How will I know what topics will be presented and how to register?

Members will receive a newsletter that will contain all the details and the information will be on this website.

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Website and Email

How do I contact the BRCLL webmaster?

Select “Contact Us” from the website menu.

Can I sign up to get my newsletter or other mailings by email

Select "Subscribe" from our website menu for more details.

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